Heather Hunter

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  • Birth name: Heather Keisha Hunter
  • Age: 54
  • Date of birth: October 1, 1969
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Place of birth: New York City, New York, United States
  • Ethnicity: black
  • Height: 5'3 (160 cm)
  • Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
  • Bust: 32 in (82 cm)
  • Waist: 22 in (56 cm)
  • Hips: 34 in (86 cm)
  • Breast type: natural
  • Hair color: black
  • Eye color: brown
  • Tattoo: small heart right bicep
  • Piercing: no

Heather Hunter bio

Heather Hunter is an American-born legendary black porn star, adult model, rap artist, painter, and author. She was born as Heather Keisha Hunter on October 1, 1969 in New York City, New York, United States.

Heather Hunter has charmig brown eyes and black hair. Her gorgeous body is covered with several tattoos. Her measurements are 32-22-34 she has natural breasts.

She is also recognized by several aliases, including Double H.

Heather Hunter is a trailblazing figure in the adult film industry, celebrated as one of the most popular black stars in porn. Her career began dramatically on her 18th birthday with the filming of "Heather Hunter on Fire" in 1988. Heather quickly became known for her dynamic roles in interracial and lesbian themed films, setting her apart in an era when diversity in adult cinema was still evolving.

Distinctive for her time, Heather's toned, muscular, and athletic physique broke the mold of typical adult film star aesthetics in the 1980s, adding to her unique appeal and broadening the representation of women in the industry. Her groundbreaking work not only captivated audiences but also influenced the standards and expectations within adult filmmaking.

Aside from her prolific adult film career, Heather Hunter made a name for herself in her hometown on the Robin Byrd Show and through frequent performances that cemented her status as a local celebrity. She has also made appearances in several mainstream movies, bridging the gap between adult and mainstream cinema.

Heather's personal life has garnered attention as well, notably her relationships with high-profile figures such as comedian Bill Maher and actor Charlie Sheen. These associations kept her in the public eye and helped highlight her multifaceted career.

In recognition of her significant impact on the industry, Heather was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2003. Further cementing her legendary status, in 2004, she appeared alongside fellow icon Ginger Lynn in non-sex roles for the series "Hustler's Can You Be A Pornstar?" Heather Hunter's enduring influence and pioneering spirit continue to inspire new generations in the adult film community and beyond.

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