The Top 20 New Black Porn Stars 2022

20. Jordi Love

Aug 28, 1996
134 lbs

Tiny dark haired goddess Jordy Love is a smut lover’s delight. Beyond multi-faceted, Jordy knows how to do many things. Looking into her beautiful eyes and naughty smile, it’s clear that Jordy is one aroused slut who loves her work. Her smouldering accent makes every moan of joy all the more enjoyable, and no matter whether she’s shooting glamcore, fetish, or straight up hardcore banging, every one of her scenes is unforgettable. On set, you can find her swallowing a dick like it’s did not been done before. Between her beautiful eyes and her perky and perfectly proportioned boobs, this saucy fox is one of the new black pornstars. This hot student loses all traces of shyness when it comes to fulfilling her goal–Jordy is ready and willing to take the lead to get the screwing she needs.

19. Ebony Mystique

Nov 23, 1984
134 lbs

There’s something super-hot about a chick who you know has the power to kick some serious ass, like Ebony Mystique. Not only does she have long legs, a tight butt, and enchanting tits, but she also has saucy suck cock-me eyes, and the kind of saucy look about her that just can’t be learned or taught. It was only after she quit school that this once-shy and reserved tramp underwent an astonishing transformation. With her grey-fantastic eyes, pale-as-porcelain skin, and vibrant red hair, she’s got a signature look that is every bit as out of this world as her photography. When she is not bringing the awesome to the skin of clients, you can find her performing or feature dancing at various clubs around the country. Ebony Mystique is one of the new black pornstars because her breasts are firm, and have some of the sexiest little pink nips out there, and her round gorgeous ass is practically a work of art.

18. Ivory Logan

Jan 17, 1997
115 lbs

If you like your ladies thick on the bottom, tight in the middle, and perky up top, then brace yourself for the ultimate slutty Ivory Logan Capone. This adorably devilish hottie has alluring boobs and a bubble butt that she twerks to captivate attention. Like a four leaf clover or a horseshoe, Ivory is a good luck charm, now that whenver she’s around, someone’s getting lucky. Joining the smut biz for the rush of it all, Ivory loves to live life to the fullest whether that’s boating in the sun or just relaxing by the pool. Submissive from her tiny tits to her bubble butt, Ivory enjoys to be manhandled and banged hard, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a fresh-faced hottie with a bigger smile after she’s been covered in cum. Ivory is part of the new black pornstars club because ever since she got her start in the business, Ivory has been burning up the screen in every scene she’s a part of.

17. Asia Rae

Apr 30, 1995
110 lbs

Asia Rae is one of the brightest stars on the rise in the porn world. She’s the kind of chick that’s so nice to snuggle up to in the morning, she has so many round smooth bits to play with. Her huge white jiggly ass is a white meat lover’s fantasy, and she isn’t shy about sticking that badunkadunk all the way out for you to enjoy. Since she has made the shift to the smut world, she is getting that dick all day every day, along with thousands of followers from all around the world. When it comes to delivering figure after frame of high energy footage, Asia can go on for days. Looking into her pretty eyes and slutty smile, it’s clear that Asia is one of the new black pornstars who loves her work.

16. Kandie Monaee

Oct 30, 1997
110 lbs

Kandie Monaee is just about as crazy as they come, and that’s exactly how we like ’em. From her lovable feet to her attractive eyes, she’s one hundred percent tanned, toned, and ready to suck cock. When you watch the way she sucks a cock with her supple lips, you’ll wish you could experience the pleasure first hand. Between getting a facial at a football stadium and having hard car sex with her older driving instructor, Kandie’s sexual escapades shattered her once narrow expectations of sex. A bisexual fox who loves what she does, Kandie has a reputation for being hard working, friendly, and always having her big smile, perky little tits, and tight snatch at the ready. Kandie is part of the new black pornstars club because ever since she got her start in the industry, Kandie has been burning up the camera in every scene she’s a part of. She’s that awesome mix of slutty and shy that brings men to their knees, offering her anything she wants in exchange for a sample of her tight wet snatch.

15. Halle Hayes

Feb 9, 1998
137 lbs

Halle Hayes got her start in the smut business as many do, with nude performing, but once she got a taste of life in front of the camera she moved right to the hard stuff. Her great and cheerful personality makes sure the great times enter the room with her and continue rocking everyone’s world. Now, you better believe this luxury-loving lady won’t settle for anything less, due to the fact an evening with Halle is totally worth the expense. Saying her guilty joy is melting ice cubes in her twat, Halle has used her easy orgasms and endless enthusiasm for screwing to solidify herself as one of the adult industry’s most exciting new additions. You’re missing out if you haven’t yet seen her spread her thick cheeks to let in a fat cock. Halle is one of the new black pornstars due to her gorgeous looks, perfect handfuls of tits and butt, and attractive eyes.

14. Tori Montana

Aug 9, 2000
123 lbs

Tori Montana is one of the sexiest babes in the Industry. This babe spinner burst onto the smut scene, and with her angelic looks and devilish desire for dick, her renown spread so easily it took even Tori herself by surprise. An expert deepthroater, she revels in taking even the longest of dicks balls deep in some of the sexiest sloppy blowjobs you’ll see in the entire industry. Since she has made the shift to the porn world, she is getting that dick all day every day, along with thousands of followers from all around the world. On top of making kinky fuck films, Tori is also a successful model and exotic dancer. With her pale skin, attractive looks, and ruby red lips, it’s easy to see how she is one of the new black pornstars. So if you’re in search of a big bootied beauty with a whole lot of personality and big, natural titties, then look no further, ’cause Tori Montana is in the house.

13. Arie Faye

Jan 9, 2000
110 lbs

Arie Faye is a doll who enjoys to ball, and get balled too. This busty blonde is all about living larger than life, especially when it comes to her big fake boobs. For the most part she’s a good-princess, but her weakness for saucy babes and fast cars has lead her down a sinful route. Nothing pleases this frisky hottie more than taking a huge load all over her big balloons. As much as she loves fucking men, take one look at her burying her face in a ass and shoving her tongue deep into her pussy-hole, and you will see the full extent of her bisexuality. With a round and firm booty, enticing nipples, and an insatiable cravings for cum, this beautiful seducer is one of the new black pornstars. In either case, it looks to us that her choice is bound to succeed.

12. Ella Cruz

Sep 22, 1999
99 lbs

Lovely with a raw sexiness, perky boobs, and an infamous juicy booty, Ella is an avid masturbator who squirts and enjoys to play with toys. It didn’t take her long to find her niche, since this flexible fuckdoll can comfortably fit both ankles behind her head, all while wearing heels. Her athletic, toned body is designed for sex-when you see the epic round butt she is bouncing you will cream. When this slut gets her hands on a fat dick, she goes to town on it, stuffing it all in her mouth and throating every inch. Ella Cruz is one of the new black pornstars who is absolutely cock crazy, and simply enjoys to suck cock. So check out one of Ella Cruz’s saucy scenes, and you’ll have to agree: you can take the chick out of Vegas, but you can never take the Vegas out of the girl.

11. Ariana Aimes

Mar 30, 1997
90 lbs

Sweeter than candy, Ariana Aimes is the ideal desire trap. Sparks fly every time Ariana steps on the scene, and when you see her fox hair and big boobs you know you’re in for a show. She must have picked up a thing or two while she was down there, considering Ariana Aimes definitely knows how to work that fine booty of hers. Once she rips off those panties and you catch sight of her signature labia, you’ll want nothing more than to tongue-lick twat those big juicy cum-catchers until she sprays you down like a firehose. With a ass that’ll make you sweat, seeing Ariana strip naked will make you need to crank the AC, considering they don’t come much hotter.

10. Jada Doll

Feb 3, 1999
115 lbs

With a pinup physique, a jaw-droppingly stunning face, and a cravings for cock like none other, it’s no wonder that Jada Doll ‘s porn skills are off the charts. She’s got a distinctive, dazzling look that’s impossible to beat, and it makes every one of her scenes smoking saucy. An overt sex drive and a willingness to explore her sexuality paired with equal parts just 100 % pure lovable made Jada a surprise hit in the adult entertainment industry. A party chick who enjoys dancing, video games, and eating pizza for breakfast, Jada is one badass babe who doesn’t give a hoot about what anybody thinks of her. Seeing her with a dick in her hand is mind blowing, and seeing her stretched open on one is unbelievable. Her tight physique and playful dynamic personality attained her a position on the new black pornstars list.

9. Ms London

Dec 27, 1993
150 lbs

Friendly, magnificent, and inviting, Ms London has the ambition to suck cock on a international level. If you consider yourself an ass man or maybe don’t want to choose between a great rack of big boobs and a poppin’ butt, then spoil yourself and check out Ms. Viewers of all perky boobs will enjoy seeing Ms flip herself over and wiggle her booty at us while on camera, showing us a well appreciated view of pert tits between her shapely spread legs. This buxom brunette has earned herself a reputation for her passionate performances and the ease with which her stunning little pink snatch squirts with joy. Seeing her with a cock in her hand is mind blowing, and seeing her stretched open on one is unbelievable. Ms London is one of the new black pornstars who is completely dick crazy, and simply enjoys to suck cock. Regular workouts and an intense pole dancing routine keep her body tight and athletic, perfect for those long days bouncing on cocks on set.

8. Jeni Angel

Mar 28, 2001
99 lbs

Fit and ready to suck cock, Jeni Angel knows she’s smouldering, and you can tell by her strong onscreen performances. While being short in stature, she still packs a punch with her excellent tits. She’s got nice round tits, and a perky little butt that’s just awesome for anal. During her off time period, when she’s not busy fucking, Jeni Angel is hanging out with friends or chilling at home with her recently adopted cute kitten. Jeni laughs that she already spent most of her duration getting slutty with America’s sexiest men, so it wasn’t a stretch to try out the adult film industry, where she gets to keep up her party chick lifestyle and get paid to boot. Between her beautiful eyes and her firm and perfectly proportioned tits, this saucy babe is one of the new black pornstars.

7. Lala Ivey

Jul 14, 1998
121 lbs

With a supermodel looks, a jaw-droppingly beautiful face, and a appetite for cock like none other, it’s no wonder that Lala Ivey’s smut abilities are off the charts. Known for her epic reactions and daring eye contact, Lala brings her scenes to life with her amorous acting. Her love for sex is evident when you watch her scenes, you can tell she loves her job. She’s got an awesome hourglass figure, not to mention a nice tight booty, and she puts them all to good use every time she steps on the screen. Blazing with sexual desire one minute and delicate as a rose the next, she lusts for any chance to put her juicy booty to work. Lala is one of the new black pornstars because there’s no cock too large for this busty blonde tramp to handle, and she’s shown off her dick-sucking, cock riding prowess in all kinds of scintillating scenes.

6. Kinsley Karter

Aug 2, 1997
110 lbs

The sexy Kinsley Karter will put sultry filthy thoughts in your head. Her enchanting young face and huge stunning eyes completely enchant anyone watching. But even though she’s soaring high and over the competition, this dreamgirl still loves to party with her girlfriends. Perverts everywhere easily took note of her plump dick-sucking lips and attractive big breasts, and her new-found fame made her want to take her career to the next level by trying out some steamy princess-on-princess lesbian action. Blessed with a set of awesome tits, Kinsley is fully aware of the intoxicating effect she has on both men and women. A fan of doggystyle, tit play, and some light spanking, this member of the new black pornstars club will keep you standing at attention for hours.

5. Moriah Mills

Oct 17, 1991
126 lbs

When it comes to having a great occasion, no one gets wilder than Moriah Mills. This queen of seduction has the tanned skin, all attractive tits, and raw sexual energy that only a slut brought up under the saucy sun can boast. A fit, tight, smooth and dirty artist we adore seeing glossed up and plowed into on film. Whether she’s showing off her curves on Miami’s horniest beaches or hunting for huge dick on the strip at night, Moriah is always dressed to the nines and commanding attention. Seeing her with a cock in her hand is mind blowing, and seeing her stretched open on one is unbelievable. Silly, fun loving, and a whole lot of alluring fun, this big booty seducer makes quite the first impact which is the reason she is one of the new black pornstars. Hopping out of limos, walking red carpets, and signing autographs, Moriah was destined for porn stardom, and she is sure to find herself a fixture in the annals of smut history in no occasion.

4. Scarlit Scandal

Apr 27, 1999
99 lbs

Importing another smoking juicy beauty for your smutographic pleasure is a job we jumped at, especially when we saw the sheer gorgeousness of distinctive Scarlit Scandal. We scale the world for the finest boobs and ass and every now and then we come up with a bonanza of tits like we see featured here, on the spectacularly big boobed Scarlit. It seems like every day she’s getting into a new kind of trouble, but it’s all a big game for Scarlit, considering this sassy hottie enjoys to face the consequences. Her fit, lightly tanned looks is all and shapely, with unusually sensitive nipples on her soft breasts which she loves to pinch and tease. The best babes are a freak in the sheets and a lady on the streets, though, so it’s great that this girliy-chick enjoys bubble baths and shopping too. Scarlit Scandal is one of the new black pornstars because her tits are firm, and have some of the nicest little pink nipples out there, and her round pretty butt is practically a work of art. Her perfectly proportioned physique, glowing skin, smoldering green eyes and insatiable sexual appetite make her one little booty-shaker you’ll want to watch over and over again.

3. Evi Rei

May 6, 1992
110 lbs

Fit and ready to lick cunt, Evi Rei knows she’s juicy, and you can tell by her strong onscreen performances. Take one look at her impressive posterior, and you’ll have to agree that Evi is no exception. Preforming in threesomes, lesbian scenes, facial scenes and much more, theres something about her naive smile that is sure to satisfy. As request after request for steamy hardcore content piled up in her inbox, Evi realized that she owed it to her adoring public to finally get banged on film, and now here she is. She’s got a dazzling pair of blue eyes and the kind of angelic and endearing smile that makes you forget that you’re looking at one of porn’s freakiest new sluts. This buxom bisexual beauty has done fucks in all kinds of categories from bondage to lesbian and everything in between, makes her a new black pornstars.

2. Scarlett Bloom

Oct 24, 1998
121 lbs

Scarlett Bloom is a tight and sexy piece of booty who’s been turning heads since her adult industry debut. This fresh-faced beauty learned all about making people happy when she was dropping off delicious treats in her former job as a pizza delivery girl. Her most preferred pastime is travelling the highway with wind in her hair, and a heavy, vibrating motorcycle between her shapely thighs. If you immediately believed of thick, whirring vibrators, then you’re right, she’s also an avid sexy toy collector, and can’t go more than a couple hours without sending her hands down south to rub one out. Renowned for her incredible blowjob skills, watching this gorgeous lady give sloppy wet head to some of the fattest cocks on the planet is enough to turn even the most cynical of porn aficionados into a Scarlett fan. Her talent to tease herself and other women is undeniable, but seeing her in action in a explicit scene is what grants her a position on the new black pornstars list. So if you’ve ever dreamed of finding the kind of girl who will suck your dick and then cook you a nice nice meal after, look no further than Scarlett.

1. Alexis Tae

Oct 20, 1997
115 lbs

Alexis Tae was just sitting around the house one night, finishing up her sewing, when she threw on the XXX video that would change her life forever. This freaky babe enjoys anime and hentai, videos games, and giving blowjobs. She has a excellent body with unique huge breasts, which she has adorned with gorgeous body art. Along with her easy-going mindset towards sex, her good looks and slutty attitude make her a natural porn star. She’s been working hard to establish herself as one of the smut world’s freakiest, horniest, and dirtiest female performers. Renowned for her awesome blowjob skills, watching this sexy lady give sloppy wet head to some of the hardest cocks on the planet is reason enough to understand the reason she is one of the new black pornstars. Necking sucking, ear biting, stomach kissing: all of that drives Alexis wild, and you can get her to drive you wild by checking out her scenes.