The Top 50 Hottest Black Porn Stars Of All Time

50. Cherokee D’Ass

Big butts rule black porn, so you know a girl can't front and call herself "D'Ass" if she ain't packing a ginormous backyard. And thank goodness that's exactly what Cherokee's got, a magnificently large backyard with its own zip code. The dudes who have hit that have taken the funnest rides of their lives. Even without the stamp on it, hardcore fans would recognize those prized globes anywhere. The rest of Cherokee is nice too, of course. But it's d'ass that made her a success.

49. Tyra Banxxx

As you can probably easily guess, the name Tyra Banxxx is a play on ex-supermodel Tyra Banks' John Hancock. Actually, Banxxx's biggest "exposure" came on the former runway princess' TV talk show in 2005. On the program, the official Tyra tried to get her skinny like Vogue fashion models doppelgänger to quit porn and attend therapy as well as cosmetology school. Banxxx did quit...for like a weekend. She returned using her government name, Alana, and eventually starred in an America's Next Top Model send-up.

48. Jeannie Pepper

Jeannie Pepper is a legend. The first African American porn star to be inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, Jeannie debuted in skin flicks back in 1984 and her iconic status saw her get pulled out of retirement 20+ years later. Boasting some tantalizing tig ol' bitties, this deep throat specialist always brought a sense of fun to her many scenes. A pretty good actress she even had a bit part in the Jon Lovitz comedy High School High in 1996. All porn starlets could learn something from Ms. Pepper.

47. Melody Nakai

You'd swear that the fabulous Melody Nakai and Amerie (or however she spells it these days) are blood-related sisters. Reportedly introduced to the business through her ex-man Brian Pumper, this Blasian porn star has quickly climbed in recognition in just a few short years. Barely five feet tall, this smokin' lil' shortie got a bubble and some savory God-given boobies to match.

46. Luciana

One look at her and you might think, "Nah, no way does she do porn." Who says miracles don't come true? Luciana may have dozens of aliases (everything from Miriam to Lisa), but no matter what you call her, just add beautiful in front of it. Although most of her stuff is usually fully nude softcore posing, there's plenty of explicit material featuring this amazing vision from the Czech Republic for you to enjoy. (Czech for her, ha!)

45. Janet Jacme

To all the old school connoisseurs of black adult entertainment Janet Jacme is an institution. The voluptuous former hairdresser got into the biz through her one-time boyfriend Julian St. Jox, but it was her untamed horniness that got her through a stellar career that made her an icon. (She was, of course, immortalized on Lil' Kim's "Big Momma Thang": "I used to be scared of the dick/Now I throw lips to the shit/Handle it like a real bitch/Heather Hunter, Janet Jacme.").

44. Mone Divine

All Mone Divine does is bring 110% erotic emotion every time she blazes up a porn set. Despite all her filthy and fulfilling efforts the last eight years or so, she has worked, for the most part, in the shadows of her more famous costars. For a thick girl, she is damn near gymnastic with her moves and is one hell of ride or die chick, if you know what we mean.

43. Michelle Tucker

Barely in the flesh business a year, Michelle Tucker left an undeniable impression in her short tenure doing dirty movies. Tall and sporting an athletic physique (she played sports in school), Michelle is often remembered for the tatted outline of the African continent on her bountiful booty. Known to get in a zone while boning, she had a chemistry with male performer Nat Turnher. Rumor has it that she quit to pursue a job as an EMT worker and/or work in a vineyard.

42. Nautica Binx

This shy girl from the East Coast is listed as being part Latina. Being a tiny timid didn't mean this petite cutie pie hestitated from letting go of her inhibitions once she got to the pounding. On the contrary. The session between her and Wesley Pipes in Spanish Fly Pussy Search 9 is one instance where she lets loose and seemingly has an honest to gushness orgasm.

41. Strokahontas

Rocking nerdy glasses, pierced nipples, blue eye shadow and a pseudonym you don't hear every day, Strokahontas started her sinful ways on digital looking like a bookworm turned stripper. But there's really nothing shy, timid or quiet to this titillating tramp when it comes to bumpin' uglies. Although she's a great lay, her best secret weapon might be her wonderful ability to get facialized.

40. Velvet Rose

Back when she was active making movies, it was easy to remember Velvet Rose from her signature blonde hair and body piercings all over (yep, even down there), but it was her playful personality and the feeling she liked what she was doing during her videotaped trysts that left a lasting impression. Hailing from Texas, the short but spunky firecracker temporarily did some escorting after retiring in '07.

39. Sinnamon Love

As she approaches almost 20 years in the industry and well over 200 scenes shot, Sinnamon Love is a study in reinvention and determination. She has constantly worked at keeping herself getting booked and has delved into almost every fetish fantasy you can imagine, including being a dominatrix away from the cameras. Her longevity is mind boggling but not surprising as Sinnamon had the will to beat cancer. Sinnamon was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2021 and she earned it.

38. Mischa McKinnon

Mischa McKinnon is one of those porn stars who takes a while to settle on a name and thusly graces DVD covers and websites with changing monikers. Billed as Melodie Mitchell, Catherine, Marissa and Michelle Banks at various times (do chicks do this to possibly throw the scent off them in case they're worried family or friends will discover their "secret"?), Mischa probably appeared in less than half the average scenes most female performers would have done in the same five-year time span she was active.

37. Vanessa Blue

Vanessa Blue is one of the few female adult actresses that successfully made the transition to director. The prowling temptress with the prominent breast job got there grinding her way through over 150 titillating titles proving to one and all that she was an uninhibited sex machine not soon to be forgotten.

36. Angel Cummings

Pint-sized with lots 'n' lots of girl next door appeal, pleasant and eager to please Angel Cummings excelled at playing bespectacled borderline lonely school girls who grown men try to take advantage of (in porn and in real life). But she had range and could get tied up and beat with the best of them in S&M scenes as well. That adorable face and healthy body accentuated by a handful of perky titties made most guys (and, surely, some girls) feel her instantly.

35. Ayana Angel

Ayana Angel earned her status in the porn biz the "hard" way. Like many adult entertainers, she was a stripper before doing smut videos, but unlike a lot of her cohorts, she was able to get her Bachelors degree. If you ever seen her movies, you might think that diploma is for giving dome, getting hit from the back (pick a hole) and various other acts of perversion. Often cast as an insatiable MILF later in her career, Ayana got nude and crude with unashamed determination that always left her a sweaty, slimy mess at the climax of her scenes, something her fans loved her for.

34. Misty Stone

That she also called herself Bambi Bliss might give you an indication of what type of performer Jenna Brooks is. Preferring to make sensual love than being slammed to kingdom come, this big boobed babe with the expressive doe-shaped eyes (and occasional contact lenses) does have a substantial white fan following. With an alias like Bambi, sorta makes weird sense, doesn't it?

33. Kapri Styles

In the beginning, this slim gal from the Dirty South entertained audiences with her filthy little mouth and lithe, flexible body distinguished by bee stings up top and a gravity-defying bubble butt down bottom. Getting enhancements did not stop her from engaging in erotic positions like a human pretzel and shouting firm instructions to her mate during grunt-filled sexual encounters driven by Kapri's bottomless energy. You gotta love Kapri's style.

32. Jenna Brooks

That she also called herself Bambi Bliss might give you an indication of what type of performer Jenna Brooks is. Preferring to make sensual love than being slammed to kingdom come, this big boobed babe with the expressive doe-shaped eyes (and occasional contact lenses) does have a substantial white fan following. With an alias like Bambi, sorta makes weird sense, doesn't it?

31. Keisha Kane

England has quite the hot tart on its hands in the slender form of kinky Keisha Kane. The fiery spice girl (Horny Spice?) is a take charge kind of woman who won't hesitate to invite a lucky bastard to snack on her English muffin. Expect her to be completely unladylike underneath the sheets.

30. Mya Lovely

Canadian seductress Mya Lovely is one fine, freaky woman. Although she never achieved "mainstream" adult film recognition, it was not for a lack of trying since her scenes always sizzled with passion. The lustful manner in which she gazed at her partners and the tendency to slip into dirty talk in French were guaranteed erection inducers. The lovely Mya retired much too soon.

29. Olivia Winters

She is one of the more underrated black (or otherwise) adult movie performers of recent memory. That would be Olivia Winters, who in roughly eight years has amassed approximately 100 (give or take a few) stag film credits...quiet as kept. Certainly pretty enough to chill with the highest earning doe snatchers, Winters has been dependable enough to warm up most of the sets she's been on consistently, so much so, she's already been cast in a few productions this year.

28. Angel Kelly

The beautiful Angel Kelly is a role model for other black adult entertainers. Deservedly considered one of the legends of the XXX genre, she came up during the wild '80s but managed to keep her head solidly on her shoulders while still giving crazy head. Even when relegated to roles of maid, she always managed to keep things classy and could be counted on to bring the passion. Angel was one of the first black performers to get starring roles as well as get a shot at directing, and as demonstrated in this interview alongside Heather Hunter, she shows she was as smart as she was sexy.

27. Skin Diamond

While fetish models are not everyone's cup of tea, for those who dig them, the sometimes pink haired, permanently illustrated, bravely pierced freaky free spirit Skin Diamond is their alt porn girl. Envision Cassie going emo and engaging in bouts of extreme sex and you get the gorgeous Skin, who is sometimes mistaken for Asian, but is actually of partial Scottish heritage. Still somewhat new to the game, this is one star to keep a close eye on as she has what it takes to take over, not only the alt scene, but the "normal" side as well.

26. Courtney Devine

Sexy as hell redbone Courtney Devine wowed audiences with her down and dirty on screen deeds. Rocking short hair for most of her run, this proud president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee looked quite tasty from head to toe, freckles and all. The fact she acted a little crazy made her even hotter (obviously).

25. Tyra Moore

Giant, squeezable, milky juggs. Yeah, Tyra Moore has quite the authentic rack on her, and the girl is as slender as can be. You could say she has "Moore" than the average chick, but that would be kinda terrible. What's definitely not terrible is the unspoiled, regular gal vibe coming from Tyra. Not a smidgen of pretentious attitude, just a nice (and nice-lookin') person sharing her treasure chest.

24. Lavish Styles

By bearing a resemblance to R&B princess Rihanna, you already know that Lavish Styles looks good. But can Lavish get down? For those unfamiliar with her steez, the answer is a resounding yes. Instead of putting a man down, this porn chick gets them up...and then takes care of tings.

23. Tiffany Mason

The striking Tiffany Mason, her lean, long body and high cheekbones commanding your attention, looks more like a legit fashion model than a porn starlet. Yet there she was in all her naked glory, licking those delectable lips, being a bad girl. Retired since 2005, the naturally attractive brunette worked her way through several lesbian titles and the prerequisite adult urban market. Her most seen scene is probably her tryst with Mandingo's monster member in Chasing the Big Ones 9.

22. Nyomi Banxxx

Nyomi Banxxx shot up the ranks thanks to her scorching good looks and willingness to experiment (blindfolded, tied up and smashed type of experimenting). Her prominent chest job and toned figure ain't no joke and she takes her sex serious. One of her earliest scenes is in Black Reign 9 with Lexington Steele and it's also one of her best as she demonstrates some real genuine anticipation and heat for Steele's steel. The facial she gets is of epic proportions and it set her on her merry way towards the upper echelon of black female performers.

21. Alicia Tyler

From the pouty lips to the bolt ons to the shapely rear end, Alicia Tyler is built for sex. She fits the stereotypical porn fantasy so perfectly that it's hard to imagine her not always wearing trashy lingerie thigh highs and come-do-me pumps 24-7. Actually, it gets, ahem, hard just imagining her doing another steamy (and often creamy on her part) scene, but alas, Alicia, a true porn star who seemed to genuinely enjoy her craft, is retired.

20. Angel Eyes

All it takes is one breathtaking glance from the aptly christened Angel Eyes to get you in the mood. The girl also known as Nika Chanel spent a relatively unheralded stint in the adult movie business brightening up scenarios with a radiant smile and aiming-to-please attitude. She looked especially seductive when she would wear a choker but nothing beat seeing her completely butt naked.

19. Bethany Benz

How gorgeous is thee Bethany Benz? Well, even after she accidentally broke co-star Prince Yahshua's love bone on set last August, there still was a long line of male performers ready and eager to get busy with Benz, the babe formerly known as the video vixen Caviar on Vh1's For the Love of Ray J. The Nigerian and Russian stunner with a-one-of-a-kind accent has slowly gotten the handle of sexing on camera, but most haven't minded since they've been enjoying dreamin' of bleepin' a Reality TV star.

18. Pinky

Pinky is not a porn star but an unstoppable sexual force of nature. In the last five years, this 4 foot, 11 inch, ridiculously thick nympho has beasted on the scene, rising to the top with aggressive abandon. Even some of the most respected male vets have had to step their game up when getting down with this Oaktown pimptress, who has parlayed her fame to other ventures, like rapping her oversized booty off.

17. Jemeni

Although she only worked sporadically during her relatively short run, Jemini was not afraid to represent when she did get smashed for your viewing pleasure. Her undeniably sexy face and bod often drove some of the dudes she worked with crazy with want. She did seem to possess an attitude that simmered underneath the surface, though. But all was forgiven when she would ride cowgirl looking as hot as could be. Jemini's most notable publicity, however, was away from the cameras when it was rumored that she had a baby with NFL player Tanard Jackson.

16. Roxy Reynolds

No question, Roxy Reynolds has a phatty. And she knows what to do with it. The certified ass clapper and master at doing the splits has gained a substantial following by performing like she's possessed by horny spirits, frequently finishing scenes nice and sweaty (like it should be). You can count independent rapper Murs as an admirer. He penned the song "Vikki Veil" about her and cast her in a few videos.

15. Obsession

During the last half of the '90s, Obsession had the black porn game on lock. Appearing in a wave of movies with all-African American casts, the thin, light skinded freak had the appeal of a wild stripper chick from the 'hood (complete with covered-up tattoos and pierced nipples). Her most famous scene is the one with Bobbi Bliss in Different Strokes 4: Return to Drool Job Planet in which her and her W.G. friend's sloppy, below-the-belt talents are on full display.

14. Marie Luv

The name may not be that recognizable today, but back in the '70s Desiree West was a familiar presence in countless adults only films. As one of the first black porn stars to work consistently (albeit in costarring roles, unfortunately, never as a headliner), the bosomy pioneer with the cute and damn near innocent-looking face is the prototype black female performer who pays mad dues, giving spirited efforts that keep 'em coming back for more.

13. Caramel

Shaking dat azz is almost mandatory in most black porn vids. (With all that booty, it's understandable.) One woman who will go down in history books for having an eternally jigglin' backside of chocolate fun is Caramel. Whew, could that girl move that thang. Carmel, one of the best and most well-liked black stars to ever do it, always seemed to have a big ol' smile on her face and made sure to give fan-friendly performances.

12. Charmaine Sinclair

The bodaciously big breasted Brit Charmaine Sinclair was primarily a softcore nude model with a high fashion face who was featured in endless amounts of men's magazine layouts. (Actor Robert DeNiro is rumored to have been a fan; they were allegedly intimately involved.) She did, however, partake in hardcore action for a spell, whether it be with men, women and/or lucky dildoes.

11. Midori

She's the real-life sister of singer Jody Watley and the ex-girlfriend of Kid Rock, but Midori is also recognized as one of the most exciting humpers in Pornland, USA who delivered raw, primal encounters in her prime. With a background in music and dance, Midori might have been able to go the exact same route as her famous sibling, but fortunately for her fans she decided to share her other "talents" with the world.

10. Desiree West

The name may not be that recognizable today, but back in the '70s Desiree West was a familiar presence in countless adults only films. As one of the first black porn stars to work consistently (albeit in costarring roles, unfortunately, never as a headliner), the bosomy pioneer with the cute and damn near innocent-looking face is the prototype black female performer who pays mad dues, giving spirited efforts that keep 'em coming back for more.

9. Aurora Jolie

Her reputation precedes her, the anal-only adult actress who takes it in the back door like a champ. This quirky, butt-plugin' rule sometimes overshadows the fact that the girl with the signature nose piercing (and who is sometimes called Nikara) has some of the most succulent tittays you've ever seen. Add some luscious thick thighs, a plump rump and a cute face and you got one tempting trollop. Butt of course.

8. Bella Moretti

Bella Moretti is part of the new breed of jizz biz starlets who are so insanely attractive that it causes some to say outlandish things like, "She's too pretty for porn." Fortunately for pervs, young Miss Moretti is OK with getting facials in front of the lenses. We hope to see more of Moretti in the future.

7. Heather Hunter

Born in the South Bronx, it's only fitting that Heather Hunter became the true Hip-Hop Queen of Porn. The ravishing around the way girl with a killer smile used to dance (with clothes on) at the famous Latin Quarter nightclub in NYC, was once signed to Tommy Boy, and appeared in 2Pac's racy "How Do U Want It" music vid in addition to being mentioned in rap lyrics by everyone from Lil' Kim to The Pharcyde.

6. Jada Fire

When it comes to black female porn stars of recent times, there might not be a more popular performer amongst fans of all ethnicities than Jada Fire. Like her name suggests, this hard-working adult actress with the hella huge areolas has always brought the heat during her long-ass career. Pick almost any of her nearly 600 scenes and you're likely to see Jada give it her all. It's that dedication that secured her proper place in the AVN Hall of Fame this year.

5. Julia Channel

French born Julia Chanel (aka Lydia Channel) is still as enticing today as she was almost 20 years ago when she began her X-rated exploits. The irresistible Euro looker is an international sensation having worked here in the States on different occasions, including doing a cameo in Method Man's "Judgement Day" music video from 2000. Julia has since pursued musical endeavors of her own (check her website for a sample).

4. Lacey Duvalle

Pretty Lacey Duvalle started in the skin biz at the tender age of 18 sporting a perfect pair of real breasteses and a friendly personality. Although she showed crossover potential right from the get go, it took her a while to get her name well-known, this despite demonstrating some super (slightly slept-on) sex skills. The enthusiastic oralist did hit a lowpoint in the mid 2000s when she filmed a controversial, hard-to-watch scene for Ghetto Gaggers.

3. India

This thin, limber and all natural dark chocolate beauty of East Indian heritage came across as the quiet type during her successful career as a top-billed sex star. But India had plenty to say when she started her own record label, Black Widow Entertainment, and released a rap album called Role Play in 2006.

2. Dominique Simone

The quintessential black porn star is Dominique Simone. Trampin' through the '90s, the ubiquitous, built-for-lust sex goddess graced an limitless supply of box covers and magazine layouts peeped by a multitude of horny, inexperienced adolescents and aficianados alike who loved to see and hear Simone moan, making her one of the most popular African American adult entertainers ever.

1. Ebony Ayes

Often credited as being the first black female porn superstar, Ebony Ayes began her historic rise in smutland back in 1985 during a time when the industry had made an explosive transition from film to home video. Despite her fame, the busty beauty with DSLs encountered what she felt were racist practices, like only being paid half of what white counterparts made, which made her cut her film career short. She reportedly quit making movies full time and became a dominatrix before eventually disappearing from the public eye. All we can say is thanks for the mammaries, Ms. Ayes.